Creative Cooking Classes for Kids

Single Day Camp

Culinary Artistas hosts cooking camps for kids ages 4-14 all year long!

Holiday & School Closure Camps

Our cooking camps create lasting memories centered around exploration, science, health and nutrition. Thank you for entrusting your children to us!

The main activities are our cooking and tasting projects: kids make lunch, morning and afternoon snacks and we all eat together. We bring fun engagement and exploration to the table, so even the pickiest eaters can find something to have fun with. Between cooking we have time for drawing, reading, and games. Weather permitting we go outside to play at nearby parks and the beach at Aquatic Park.


Located in Ghirardelli Square

Camp will be held in our Ghirardelli Square location at 851 Beach Street in San Francisco. We host up to 23 campers and 4 staff members.

Pick up and drop off notes will be sent out prior to each week's camp. We will not offer aftercare. 

Request a Camp

If you would like us to create a special day-long/week-long camp during a school closure or holiday, please send us an email to with the following information:

Camp Refund Policy

Camp Overview

Join us for a day of cooking, playing, crafting, and tasting! Kid-chefs will get to craft their own breakfast, lunch, and sweet snack throughout the day, spend time in our parklet outdoors, create fun food-inspired art, and much more!


Below is an overview of what each day of camp will look like. Our team of educators have worked hard over the years to perfect the balance of structure and surprise to allow kids to be comfortable, yet always engaged and learning. 




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