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Welcome Parents! Here is some useful information to get you started.

We offer a wide variety of:

Registering: Registration for Culinary Artistas is conducted through Galore. All parents must create a Galore account (using email or Facebook) in order to register for classes.

Quarters: We work on a quarter system, and all classes are organized by age group and held once per week. We keep our student-to-instructor ratios low and our class sizes small to guarantee every child boosts their culinary knowledge while having a flavorful, fantastic time.

Dropping off: Parents, we love and appreciate you, and we understand that you may want to stick around for a bit during the first day of class to put your child (and yourself) at ease. However, please note that all classes are drop-off (except for Cook with Your Little One). The classroom environment is more fun when it’s just a bunch of kids!

Proration policy: Did you want to sign up for a class but the quarter has already begun? No problem! We will pro-rate the fee for you. Simply email and mention which class you’re interested in joining.

Class refund policy: If you need to cancel a class you’ve signed up for due to scheduling conflicts, we are happy to book you in another section or give you a credit for a future class. In order to retain our small class sizes and fantastic service, we are unable to offer refunds.

Camp refund policy: If you need to cancel a booked camp because of scheduling conflicts we can give you a full refund if we're able to fill your spot. If the cancellation is more than two weeks before the start date of the camp and we're unable to fill your spot, we can give you a 50% credit for a future class or camp. If the cancellation occurs less than two weeks before the start of camp and we are unable to fill the spot, we cannot offer refunds.

Browse Our Offerings