Creative Cooking Classes for Kids


Hi! We are Vanessa and Anna, founders of Culinary Artistas. We believe that food is foundational and cooking is the ultimate sensory experience.

Our mission is to provide fun cooking classes for kids that help them develop creative minds and healthy bodies.

We believe cooking is a language that connects us to our cultures, stories, bodies, minds and souls. Cooking is a great tool that can help kids learn a multitude of disciplines, while creating great memories. At Culinary Artistas, we know that we learn best by engaging all our senses and working with our hands.

We love talking about culinary everything and anything. Please come by and say hi! We’d love to meet you and the fam!

Anna’s Story

Cooking, while an ephemeral art form, engages all our senses. When I’m cooking, I’m in my flow and the process is my maximum creative expression. I love the freedom and experimentation that can happen in the kitchen! I grew up in Cali, Colombia in a house full of cooks with all kinds of culinary influences—among them a Chilean grandma who had lived in San Francisco and England and loved to cook Peruvian food, a Colombian macrobiotic health nut dad who loves cooking pilaf, and an American nutritionist mom who loves pork belly but can make (almost) any recipe healthier!

Vanessa’s Story

Some of my earliest memories are the Sunday lunches that my Venetian grandmother used to cook for our family in her old-fashioned kitchen, at the heart of São Paulo city, in my native Brazil. I was the first granddaughter and proud to be her only assistant in the kitchen, blending egg yolks and olive oil by hand to make aioli, or shaping gnocchi with my little fingers. Little did she know that she was setting my direction and that I would choose to spend the rest of my life exploring the language of food.

My passion for food stems from a core belief that it is a bridge that connects us as individuals to community and environment, that it is a gift and medicine, and that it can be a rooting element to our health. That core belief and the joy that comes with it is what I try to share with friends, family and students.